The most dangerous operation is always the manipulation with unshielded vial or unshielded syringe. Manipulation and shielding of Tc generators is also a serious because the activity especially of a new generator is often very high - up to 140 GBq. 5 mm Pb which is enough for 99mTc is not enough for 99Mo by far!

Lynax system respects fully the facts mentioned above. The elution process takes place ones or twice a day. This fact, together with the necessity to protect the staff against the radiation emitted by Tc generators, was the reason to take out the generators from the operational laminar flow cell where the radiopharmaceuticals are prepared. New organization of the laboratory results in much better radiation protection of the staff. Due to extremely low background in the operational laminar flow cell (absence of Tc generators) it also enables by far better possibility to detect even a small contamination of the working space.

EA68 provides excellent protection. Tc generators are located behind 70mm of Pb shielding layers of doors onto which it is installed, 40 along the sides and 30 mm downward and to the rear. In the laminar box above each generator, there is a rotary cover shielded by 20mm of lead. Location of generators at radially opening doors also enables very quick and easy inserting of generators in to the cell. Thanks to its design the cell provides also a thorough protection of products against particle and bacterial contamination. The laminar flow of air washes the generator completely after the lid with 20mm Pb has been opened. The elution is reliably accomplished in the clean air of class "A". The shielded wastes container located in the lower part of the frame is connected with the working space of the cell by a tubular slip-way.

The laminar box consist of a steel box with two rectangular openings for hands along the sides in the front panel. The viewing window is made of lead glass 36 mm thick(equivalent of 10 mm Pb). The waste tank is located in the bottom part of the stand with the container for waste mounted on a swing arm. The filler neck of the container is connected to a plastic pipe leading from the laminar box. The steel structure of the box is provided with epoxide baking coating.

tungsten syringe shield pt 358 r5 5ml pt 359 r5 3ml

Brief description of the device; Basic specifications; Main components of the device

  • Steel stand with a shielded tank for two 99mTc generators
  • Laminar box with laminar flow
  • Ventilation module ensuring vertical laminar flow in the laminar box from above downward
  • Strong protective lead glass 36 mm thick
  • Shielded tank with removable waste container

Related devices

  • Amersham cylinder generators (dimensions: diameter 133mm, height 245 mm)
  • Mallincrodt generators (dimensions: diameter 133mm, height 290 mm)

Main dimensions

  • Total height: 1980 mm
  • Width: 720 mm
  • Depth: 655 mm
  • Laminar box height: 500 mm
  • Viewing window dimensions: 200x300mm

Basic weight

  • 750 kg

Accessories Supplied with the device

  • None

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