The device is designed for transporting and setting aside medical and other materials on the disposable surface of the table and shelf.

It is designed to ensur the safe and simple method of moving materials on the table surface and shelf, secure stopping at a chosen location by means of the two braked wheels. A convex shape of the table surface enables securing accidentally spilled liquids and eliminates the possibility of objects falling to the ground. The device is designed primarily for the placement of heavy shielding containers determined for theuse of radio-pharmaceuticals label by radio-nuclides emitting positron radiation.

shielding screen pt 205 r2

Main components of the equipment

  • table frame – stainless-steel structure consisting of square profile tubes with reinforcement beneath the table surface, legs equipped with screwing freely-turning wheels, two wheels with brakes and swiveling
  • table surface – stainless-steel convex, welded to the table frame
  • shelf – loose insert- stainless-steel with bent edges

Main Dimensions

  • Max. height: 840 mm
  • Max. width (above wheels): 630 mm
  • Max. length (above wheels): 920 mm
  • Height of the table top: 830 mm
  • Width of the table top: 565 mm
  • Length of the table top: 765 mm
  • Height of the shelf surface: 405 mm
  • Wheel diameter: 100 mm
  • Loading capacity: 125 kg

Basic Weight

  • Complete table: 25.6 kg

Accessories delivered with the equipment

  • none

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