• Possibility to dispense two different radiopharmaceuticals at the same time!
  • The dispensing unit is designed to store two vials in tungsten containers. Each vial may contain different type of radiopharmaceutical and the preparation of one or another can be performed immediately in succession.
  • The device prepares automatically doses of PET nuclides in particular, also 131I and of defined beta emitters in particular 177Lu. After determining the calibration factors, it can be used for all radiation-emitting radiopharmaceuticals with the energy exceeding 400 keV.
  • The built-in measuring system measures the activity in the syringe directly during the dose preparation process and displays it on the control PC screen. The dose will be ready within 1 minute with the accuracy better than 3%.
  • The activity remaining in mother vials are calculated and displayed similarly. Therefore, the operator has the information how much activity is drawn in the syringe and how much has remained in each mother vial.
  • All manipulation with radiopharmaceuticals in vials and syringes is performed automatically.

Safe and easy individual dose preparation

  • Minimum time needed for the first dose set up max.3min.after receiving the FDG delivery.
  • Prepare an individual dose by just a couple of clicks! The dose will be ready within 1 minute with the accuracy better than 3%.
  • Surface – easy to clean chemically.


The goal of Lynax is the systematic perfection of personal radiation protection at NM departments. Not only shielding devices but also a reasonable work organization helps to minimize the doses. The thorough and reliable protection of the laboratory staff is one off the most important goals of Lynax.

Highly cost effective

  • Combination of W and Pb shielding
  • Only standard expendables are used (BBraun or others)
  • No need to use any special disposable kits
  • Quick and easy wastes handling (only two needles and a vial)
  • Reasonable level of automation


  • Height 421 mm
  • Width 626 mm
  • Length 371 mm
  • Weight 127 kg

Vial shielding

  • Combination of W and Pb shielding
  • The vial shielded by eqv. of 68 mm Pb


  • Intuitive and user – friendly software continuously displays the remaining activity in the vial. (calculated value)
  • Automatic linearity and stability tests – Control emitter incorporated in the device body.
  • The software will recommend a value of individual dose according to the patient’s weight or BMI based on present specifications.
  • Choice of automatic, semiautomatic or manual modes.


  • Dose accuracy 3%
  • Dose range 35 -1800 MBq (depends on concentration)
  • Max. vial volume 25 ml
  • Max. radioactivity 20 GBq
  • Max. concentration 2 500 MBq/ml
  • Radiopharmaceuticals All PET

Expandables needed for one vial

  • 1x BBraun Spinocan 0,90 x 88mm; G20
  • 1x BBraun Sterican 0,80 x 120mm; G21


  • Specially designed tungsten container might be used for FDG transportation from the supplier – eliminates unshielded manipulation with a vial.
  • PT318R2 - specially designed tungsten container fits the packaging set PET PT314R2 for FDG transportation. Using this solution eliminates unshielded manipulation with an activity containing vial.

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