Safe and easy individual dose preparation

  • Prepare an individual dose by just a couple of clicks! The dose will be ready within 1 minute with the accuracy better than 3 %.
  • The built-in measuring system measures the activity in the syringe directly during the dose preparation process and displays it on the control PC screen.
  • The activity remaining in mother vial is calculated and displayed similarly.
  • PET doses can be prepared into 3ml, 5ml and 10ml syringes.
automatic dispensing unit pt317

Shielding Parameters

  • The vial shielded by eqv. of 68mm Pb - Combination of W and Pb shield
  • Syringes shields - range from 8 to 11mm W
automatic dispensing unit pt317

Tungsten Container PT318R2

Specially designed tungsten container fits the packaging set Type A PT314R2 for RF transportation. Using this solution eliminates the unshielded manipulation with an activity containing vial.

automatic dispensing unit pt317

Highly Cost Effective

  • Combination of W and Pb shielding materials
  • Vial in a slanted position - no waste of RF (patented solution)
  • Only the standard consumables are used (BBraun or others)
  • No need to use any special disposable kits
  • Quick and easy wastes handling (only two needles and a vial)
  • Reasonable level of automation
  • Minimum time for the first dose set up needed, max. 3 min.
  • Automatic daily QC procedure with built in check emitter

Intuitive and User-friendly Software

Software continuously displays the remaining activity in the vial (calculated value). Automatic linearity and stability tests - check emitter incorporated in the device body. The software will recommend a value of individual dose according to the patient’s weight or BMI based on preset specifications. Selection of automatic, semiautomatic or manual modes.

automatic dispensing unit pt317

Consumables for One Vial

  • 1x BBraun Spinocan 0,90 x 88mm; G20
  • 1x BBraun Sterican 0,80 x 120mm; G21
automatic dispensing unit pt317

Technical Specifications

  • Dose accuracy ±3%
  • Dose range 35 - 1800 MBq
  • Max. vial volume 25 ml
  • Max. activity in the vial 20 GBq
  • Max. concentration 1500 MBq/ml
  • Radiopharmaceuticals All PET


  • Height 418 mm
  • Width 411 mm
  • Length 299 mm
  • Weight 84 kg

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