For a safe grip of a vial containing a radioactive solution

Handling tweezers for a vertical grip, type MP-1V, are designed to be used in the nuclear medicine department and other facilities where open sources occur. They are especially suitable for transporting vials with radioactive solutions from one container to another, to a shielding cover or the well of a ionization chamber of an activity meter (calibrator). The special shape of their jaws and the spring that engages them ensure a very secure grip and hold of a bottle or vial during the entire handling period.

Handling tweezers for a horizontal grip, type MP-1H, are used in a similar manner as the MP-1V tweezers. They are especially suitable for transporting vials into the measuring cases of those well chamber activity meters that have the opening for the vial on their side.

Without these tools, it is practically impossible to adhere to one of the radiation protection rules: a hand must not come into a direct contact with an ampoule containing a source - the exposure rate on the surface may be high and handling them on a long-term basis may later result in harmful radiation effects.

tungsten syringe shield pt 358 r5 5ml pt 359 r5 3ml

Technical data of the MP-1H and MP-1V

Tweezers length 180 mm, tweezers are chrom plated. Hand burden decrease: at least 120 times when compared to the situation where employees would keep the vial containing the radioactive substance directly in their hands.


The safe and simple grip and hold of a bottle or vial during the entire handling period. Contamination of hands or gloves by radioactive substances is virtually impossible (the vial surface may be contaminated by the manufacturer).

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