Pincers are designed to be used in the nuclear medicine department and other facilities where open sources occur. They are especially suitable for releasing the needle from its cover without touching each part by hand. The special shape of their jaws ensures the easy and exact grip of a needle and its cover.

Without these tools, it is practically impossible to adhere to one of the radiation protection rules: a hand is not allowed to come into the direct contact with a syringe containing a source - the exposure rate on the surface may be high and handling them on a long-term basis may later result in harmful adiation effects.

tungsten syringe shield pt 358 r5 5ml pt 359 r5 3ml


  • Safe and simple dismantling a needle and its cover
  • Contamination of hands or gloves by radioactive substances is virtually impossible.

Basic dimensions

  • Length: 133 mm
  • Weight: 25 mm x 30mm
  • Basic weight: 10g

Related devices

  • Simple stand for connecting a needle PT326R0

Accessories Supplied with the Device

  • none

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