The device provides safe and simple heating or cooling of a vial with a radioactive preparation in a fluid bath (the most suitable medium is distilled water).

Its purpose is to reduce the risk of exposure and contamination of employees handling radioactive solutions. The device should be used indoors at a fixed location, on a steady horizontal surface (cooling) or on a standard heater (heating). When assembled or even partly assembled, the device may be carried or transported on a cart for short distances (such as within a room and from one room to another), ALWAYS only in the WORKING position and at a regular temperature (not hot).

tungsten syringe shield pt 358 r5 5ml pt 359 r5 3ml

Main components of the equipment

  • Bath container - stainless-steel saucepan with a diameter of 12 cm, with a plastic cover
  • Base - built-in shield suspended on a lid with apertures allowing liquid circulation
  • Cover 10 mm Pb - shield block in plastic casing, with a vial clamp
  • Smaller lid - extra shield for the cover in plastic casing

Related devices

  • The cover fits Slanted Stand 10 mm Pb PT 173 R3

Main dimensions

  • Total height: 120 mm
  • Plastic lid diameter: 160 mm
  • Maximum width (over the handle): 302 mm
  • Maximum vial diameter: 26 mm
  • Maximum vial height: 60 mm

Basic weight

  • Bath container (empty): 0.39 kg
  • Base: 2.31 kg
  • Cover 10 mm Pb: 0.46 kg
  • Smaller lid: 0.11 kg
  • Total (without fluid): 3.7 kg

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