2ml and 5ml syringes with 5mm Pb shield

It is intended for securing a safe and simple manner of handling syringes containing a radioactive solution. It enables the carrying of fully filled syringes with applied seal.

The syringes may have any kind of shielding cover used to protect the staff while manipulating the syringes directly by hand, e.g. administration. This version is designed for a maximum of ten 2 ml syringes with applied seals. Derived models are determined for 5 ml syringes or a combination of 2 ml and 5 ml syringes or an option for syringes with applied needles.

tungsten syringe shield pt 358 r5 5ml pt 359 r5 3ml

Main components of the equipment

  • bottom part of the container with 5 mm lead shield and an outer stainless-steel cover, large collapsible handle. In the working position, the handle is secured against swinging
  • replaceable plastic insert for syringes with a covering 5 mm lead sheet, the sheet has several positions for the syringes
  • lid with a 5 mm lead shield, outer stainless steel cover and a solid grip

Main dimensions

  • Total height with handle: 225 mm
  • Height of cylinder section: 141 mm (depends on syringes)
  • Outer diameter: 133 mm
  • Maximum width: 154 mm
  • Height of cavity: 127 mm (depends on syringes)
  • Diameter of cavity: 117 mm

Basic weight

  • Bottom section with handle: 3.7 kg
  • Plastic insert with sheet: 1.2 kg
  • Lid: 2.5 kg
  • Total: 7.6kg

Related devices

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Accessories Supplied with the Device

  • None

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