The device provides a safe and simple method of manipulation with radioactive solution in the course of administering it to a patient.

Its purpose is to reduce the risk of exposure and both radiation and bacterial contaminations of employees handling radioactive solutions. It facilitates maintaining aseptic conditions when administering them to patients. The syringe shield and the needle inside its cover shloud be prepared into the device before starting the aaministration.

shielding screen pt 205 r2

Main components of the device

  • Baseplate
  • Syringe socket with lead shield
  • Needle socket

Related devices

  • Syringe shield 2 ml PT346R0
  • Syringe shield 5 ml PT347R0
Main dimensions
90x90 mm
90x90 mm
Syringe socket height
120 mm
125 mm
400 g
485 g

Accessories Supplied with the Device

  • none

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