PT498R0/PT497R0 Non-Magnetic Syringe Shield 5ml/3ml (white strip)

Tungsten non-magnetic syringe shield is necessary for dynamic studies under brand new imaging technology PET-MR. Lynax has been first on the market offering this material and syringe shields especially.

There are all sizes and models available as regular Tungsten syringe shields delivered by Lynax (with or without lead glass window). Special sizes and shapes also available on demand.

tungsten syringe shield pt 358 r5 5ml pt 359 r5 3ml

Main components of the device

The body of the shielding is made of non-magnetic tungsten. The stainless-steel screw with grooved head provides the fixation of the syringe inside the shielding. The window with shielding Pb glass enables to watch the piston of the syringe if necesary.

Main dimensions PT498R0

  • Inside diameter 15,2 mm
  • Lenght 65 mm
  • Outside diameter 34 mm
  • Weight 850g

Main dimensions PT497R0

  • Inside diameter 12,4 mm
  • Lenght 65 mm
  • Outside diameter 32,6 mm
  • Weight 825 g

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