For transport of Radioactive solutions

The device provides an excellent protection from untoward effect of irradiation. The internalpart PT318 fits exactly the socket of the automatic batching and measuring device PT317 - the operator does not manipulate with an unshielded vial!

Device Design, Purpose Usage

Packaging set Typ A for transporting of radio- nuclide solutions has been designed as a member of the line of products providing protection of health service staff from untoward effect of atomic irradiation. The portable container PT318 for a vial makes its internal, relatively independent, part. The container PT318 fitts also the Automatic batching and measuring device PT317.

The philosophy of a portable - inner and outer parts of shielding the inner part carrying the vial and being used also in following batching and measuring device enables to handle a vial and to process radiopharmaceuticals without taking the vial out of 24 mm W shield. The packaging set can also be used to store radioactive solutions safely.

PET vial transport c

Brief Description of the Device, Basic Specifications

The outer part consist of a spacer and a case fitted with full-open head. The light metal frame of a case has walls made of tough plywood their surface being covered by thin ABS layers. The area between the walls of the case and the inside embedded shielding is made of elastic material. The case is equipped with a strap and a plumbable lock.

The whole outer part has the prescribed labelling and offers enough space to locate any further required labels or symbols. The spacer is a component of the outer part. This spacer being bipartite consist of the cylindrical body and the lid that joins the body by a bayonet joint. The lid carries the screw the function of which is to secure the position of PT318 inside the spacer.

The inner part is created by an inserted portable container type PT318. The container becomes waterproof when the internal lock has been tightend up.

Related devices

  • Transport container PT318
  • Automatic Batching and measuring device PT317


  • Height 360 mm
  • Width 300 mm
  • Depth 300 mm

Maximum vial diameter 26 mm (could be modified according to customers demand)

Maximum vial height 58 mm (could be modified according to customers demand)

Basic weight

  • Outer part 4.7 kg
  • Inner part 2.3 kg
  • Container 10.4 kg
  • Total 17.4 kg

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