Device for safe and simple method of transport the dose of radioactive solution to the patient shielded by 40mm Pb.

Device Design, Purpose & Usage

The device is designed to provide a safe and simple method of transport the dose of radioactive solution to the patient. Its purpose is to reduce the risk of exposure and contamination of medical care staff while handling radioactive solutions. The syringe containing activity and being in the tungsten primary shieilding is to be inserted into the cavity of the device. Then the lid is closed and the device containing the syringe with the dose can be easily transported to the patient. The device is designed as a secondary shielding of 40 mm of lead and its dimensions comes up to the tungsten shielding of the syringe (is not a part of this device). The device is detemined to be used for transporting the syringe in the internal environment. It is to be used on solid flat floorings. The lid having two hinges is opened up by using the solid grip. It is kept in both open and closed positions by its weight.

petomobil pt 151 r6

Main components of the device

The square shaped lead shielding case with a lid is mounted on the frame made of steel tubes provided with two wheels. The baked epoxy varnish covers the whole device.

Main dimensions

  • height 1100 mm
  • width 440 mm
  • depth 60 mm
  • wheel diameter 160 mm
  • cavity height 35 mm
  • cavity width 210 mm
  • cavity depth 35 mm


  • Total 54 kg

Accessories Supplied with the Device

  • none

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